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24 Hour Workwear is always open to new workwear brands – particularly when one of our highest selling brands (Biz Collection) release something new in the workwear range. Most would be aware of Biz Collection that is one of the brands from Fashion Biz. Syzmik is an in-house brand of Fashion Biz that leads the uniform manufacturing industry.

24 Hour Workwear provides embroidery and screen printing services where we give you the finished customised product. We are official distributors for many brands and Syzmik is new.



Syzmik (pronounced seismic) is coming to Australia and 24 Hour Workwear are official distributors for the brand, along with other Fashion Biz brands. Syzmik is an in-house brand name and does not deal direct to the public.

Fashion Biz was discovered and established in New Zealand back in the late 80’s with a view to supply garments to the local NZ market that originally imported woven and polo shirts from Fiji. In 1998 Fashion Biz opened an office here in Sydney and by the year 2000, the  majority if garments were being manufactured outside of Asia. 2005 they moved to Melbourne and today they’re completely Australia and New Zealand wide. In 2010 Fashion Biz took trade overseas to our neighbours on the other side, Canada.

Fashion Biz is known for polo shirts (Biz Collection) and uniforms (Biz Corporates) and with the introduction of Syzmik in 2013 it’s clear to see that Fashion Biz are continuing to grow larger.



Syzmic Catalogue Australia


To see the full catalogue, please visit:


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