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clothing-onlineMore and more people are visiting online shops to buy their clothes because it’s cheaper. Retails shops are now starting to convert to eCommerce with extremely large databases and filtering systems and on the other end of the burning candle we’re seeing lots of niche clothing lines popping up. In this article I will go over how you can start your own  online clothing shop and the what you will need to do to start generating sales.

What are the first things to think about?

  • Hosting / Server
  • Domain Name
  • Payment Gateways

Nobody can start a business without some kind of money to invest. You will need a capital mainly for your server, url, website add-ons, stock and advertising.

Building a website is very much like building a house, you need land (host) and a mailing address (domain name). Your servers acts as your land and hold all your website files. The domain name is your address where people can access your website. So for this tutorial I’ll be using as an example as the domain name.

The next thing we’re going to think about is how people are going to pay for their items, and will they trust your website. Most people that are starting out lean towards paypal systems but if you’re looking to be professional then you will need to purchase an SSL certificate for your payment gateway.

Ok, I have my server, domain name and I’ve decided what payment gateway I’m using. What next?

  • Stock
  • Postage

Of course if you’re looking to start an online clothing shop then you’re going to need stock. You can’t sell thin air, although I’m sure people try. One way of getting around a bulk stock buy upfront is to launch your website with a party and start taking pre-orders, which will help you in gaining a higher capital.

Let’s say for example that you’re going to be selling awesome t-shirts, you will need to ring up a business such as 24 Hour Merchandise where they supply the t-shirts already and screen print your designs for you. Once you have the price you’re paying for each t-shirt to be made, then you can start adding your stock into the website with the price you wish to charge.

Once you have your stock then you need to think about postage. Generally online shops include postage and handling into the price of the item or if your payment gateway is good enough you can add it as an extra option with different delivery types.

Now you have your website, payment system, stock and delivery methods. What is next?

Promotion! Promotion! Promotion!

Now you have an online business and I’m assuming you have already covered the accounting side of things with some kind of knowledge in business already, so I wont go into that. I will however go into the marketing side of things and how you should promote your new online shop.

The best possible method for you starting out is to ignore those spammy SEO emails you get and focus on promoting your website through social media. You can use platforms such as facebook and twitter to generate leads whilst using AdWords to generate relevant sales. These can both be expensive processes so you should hire someone to manage these platforms for you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Don’t forget the old school ways such as posters, flyers and general networking with people within your niche. After some investment with your time and money then you will start seeing your returns coming in and the next time you order stock, you will notice your profits.

That covers all the basics of starting your very first online clothing shop. I hope you enjoyed the article and if you have any feedback then throw them in the comments section below.

Written by Nick Cavarretta

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