How do you spell t-shirt?

tea shirtThe natural spelling of the short-sleeved top is t-shirt with a hyphen, however statistics show that more and more people are leaving the hyphen out whilst the spelling with the hyphen on the decline. The correct spelling is in fact all of them, including the now accepted variation tee shirt.

One pet hate for many people is how people put a capital ‘S’ for the word shirt, however I see nothing wrong with that considering we now accept these variations. One variation that I haven’t seen accepted (yet) is using the word tea, as in tea shirt. Where were you on that one hipsters?

I mentioned in the opening paragraph that “statistics show” and I wasn’t lying. If you trust the company that wants to know everything and their ability to pull data from search queries, then the information would be correct. (see below)

FUN FACT: The t-shirt was an under garment and in the early 50’s and three celebrities shocked the USA by wearing their under garments (t-shirt) on television. Marlon Brando wore a t-shirt in the famous play “A streetcar named desire” and then in the mid 50’s James Dean made the t-shirt a symbol of rebellious youth. (Eat your heart out Miley Cyrus)

t-shirt spelling stats


The exciting part is during the 80’s, when screen printing became the biggest thing since sliced bread and the apparel industry labeled t-shirts a commodity. Today screen printing has hit the internet in a huge way with more and more people converting their favourite Reddit slogans into something to wear.

T-shirts are the original facebook status update and more and more so today with custom t-shirts being a trend in it’s own. If you would like to have your own t-shirts created then why not visit 24 Hour T-shirts. :)

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