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When it comes to events, sporting teams, band merchandise, uniforms and high visibility workwear, 24 Hour Merchandise offer their embroidery and screen printing services that would surely make your new customised apparel stand out from the crowd. We’ve been in this industry for over thirty years offering all types of embroidery work like art, stitching and printing creating unique designs for men, womens and children’s clothes. Our embroidery and screen printing services are well recognised and appreciated by business owner, event coordinators, marketing and advertising specialist, corporate customers and musicians world wide.

Being official distributors for a tonne of brands ranging from the highest quality to mid range, we also offer wholesale blank clothing via our website clicknwear. Not drifting from the topic, it’s sometimes hard for the client to decide if they want embroidery or screen printing. Generally people with company logos or slogans choose embroidery on polo shirts, whilst screen printing is left to extravagant designs on t-shirts.

When it comes to custom embroidery, there are two main processes before we proceed with you order. First we need to clean your logo to be embroidery ready, including digitising your logo ready for the machines to read. The next step is your approval, we create samples for you to view and green light. Then the embroidery begins with the final steps including: folding, packaging and shipping.

Screen printing is slightly different, where we separate all the colours within your design so each colour has it’s own film. Our machines can take up to 9 colours at one time and the rest if the production line is the same as embroidery. Designs for screen printing should be in vector format, meaning you need to create them in Adobe Illustrator. The best option to take is to hire a professional graphic designer if you don’t already have a design. We can do touch-ups in house and colour separation is done in our art room.


This particular one colour print was redesigned by our in-house artist where and approved by our client. They were extremely happy with the end result.
If you would like to see more examples of our work, then please visit

What is the difference between digital printing and screen printing?

Screen printing provides a top quality print, but is limited to a certain number of colours. Digital printing (direct to garment) provides a low quality print but is not limited in the amount of colours. Generally digital printing is for the one off t-shirts that are printed on the spot from a photo, where screen printing is left for 20+ t-shirts. It is much more cost effective to choose screen printing as each t-shirt for a one colour print can cost as low as $10 per t-shirt, where digital printing can exceed the $30 per t-shirt mark.

What is digitising when it comes to embroidery?

Digitising is commonly known as setting-up or programming the embroidery machine. Digitising is a must before a design or logo can be embroidered onto any garment as it guides the machines pathways for stitching. It wouldbe very rare to find someone that practices tradition embroidery with a needle and thread.


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