Are polo shirts coming back?

Polo shirts are commonly known as a uniform for north shore types, golf enthusiast, tennis players and cricket maniacs. A good reason for wearing a polo shirt is because it’s hot. Orders from us generally come from businesses, both large and small, that want a logo or message embroidered on the left chest to be used as a retail uniform. Recently under the category of “shopping”, polo shirts are making a complete comeback!

Looking at the latest trends using Google, I’ve noticed there has been a battle between polo shirts and t-shirts over the past year, with most searches within Australia coming from Brisbane and Sydney. Take a look at the graph below.

polo shirt vs t-shirts 2013

It’s clear to see that polo shirts are a popular item within the shopping industry, and a popular search term on the rise is work polo shirts with a 40% increase in the past 6 months. This indicates that it’s not just people shopping, but people preparing new uniforms for work.

So where do polo shirts come from?

Barmy Army polo shirt Ashes 2013 Australia

Barmy Army polo shirts 2013 – printed by 24 Hour Merchandise

Although the precise source of the polo shirt is completely unknown, there are however a few theories running around with one of them starting in Manipur, India. Manipur is the city where British soldiers first witnessed the horseback sport being played. Soldiers set up the initial polo club which quickly grew in popularity against the British Army and British tea-planters in India.

Another explanation of the invention of polo shirts is from the famous grand slam champion René Lacoste, who made the polo shirt popular by wearing one in 1926 after he decided that stiff attire for tennis players restricted their playing capabilities.

After golfers observed how tennis players improved their game whilst wearing polo shirts and adopted the uniform. Today polo shirts are a common item of clothing and is the standard when it comes to retail uniforms.

In our factory this summer, we are printing polo shirts for the Barmy Army, which have become a popular product within the cricket community for England fans.

Where can I order polo shirts?

Excellent question! This depends on what you want them for. If you’re looking to order retail uniforms or business uniforms with your logo embroidered or perhaps a screen print on the back, then you should click on 24 Hour Polo Shirts. This service has a minimum invoice value of $240, which is approximately 20 polo shirts. Call for a quote to find out exactly how many.

If you’re just looking to buy a few blanks to wear around, then you should click on Wholesale Blank Polo Shirts. This links will lead you to our friends at ClicknWear. The cheapest polo shirt in Australia!

Popular polo shirt brand that we deal with are Aussie Pacific, Biz Collection and Quoz. There are other brands, call us to find out more on (02) 9559 2400 or email


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