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Why Large Order Screen Printing is The Most Cost Effective

custom t-shirts in 24 hoursThe techniques behind screen printing have been around far longer than you might guess. Almost two thousand years ago the Chinese were using them to create beautiful artwork from human hair and other natural items such as leaves. Years later the Japanese would use silk to create the mesh and lacquers for stencils, adapting the age old techniques and giving them their alternative name of silk screening.

Today the process of screen printing is known as the standard for superior quality in the industry of apparel printing. This type of printing still uses a mesh stencil, or screen, for each different color to be printed onto the garment. Individual colors of ink are put through the screens one at a time and the garments are then dried to set the different colors. Despite the modern advances, the technique still sounds like a time consuming labor and that is why the cost of doing such printing is far more advantageous when done in bulk orders.


The Costliest Part of Screen Printing

The majority of the costs involved in getting items such as t-shirts screen printed come from the labor and detail work needed for the set up. The set up for each design involves creating a mockup of the art. Once that part is complete, films are created which will eventually become the screens needed to print the design onto the garment. These steps require a great deal of detailed labor and involve a larger number of people than the printing. This labor and involvement are what make these steps the ones that cost more.


What This Means In Terms of Small Orders

For companies such as us – 24 Hour T-Shirts ( – this cost makes it unprofitable to produce individual or small amounts of screen printed tees. The company does all the set up process in-house and requires a minimum order of $240. Creating an individual shirt would require them to charge such a high price for one item that it would be unappealing to their customers.


The Cost Benefit Comes In Large Order Screen Printing

Since the set up is the most time consuming and costly part of the process, the place where companies can offer deals to their customers is through bulk orders. With the initial costs of artwork and screens out of the way, the costs from then on are mainly the particular shirt chosen and some smaller labor costs. This is the area where large order screen printing can make a huge difference in the final price of each shirt.

Companies such as 24 Hour T-Shirts, which is a wholesale company selling to the public, give their customers ordering large numbers of printed items a discount that increases as their order amount increases. This can only be done because of the greater number of uses there are for the original set up artwork. Where the cost for one seemed great, the cost for many can be a deal.

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