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Screen printing and embroidery is still a very common service today for many reasons; this includes promotion, marketing, uniforms, clothing labels and even for a laugh. Products that 24 Hour Merchandise supply are t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, jackets, work uniforms, workwear (high vis) plus caps and the famous bags.

Bags are the most popular item with laptop bags covering corporate sectors, tote bags covering markets and sports bags covering what they do best. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional bags are the most cost effective form of advertising with a CPI of $0.002. Source:

The next value for money product in advertising is t-shirts. People read t-shirts and I think more people read t-shirts on women, so never ever forget to do a ladies range for your prints.

Screen printing is currently being pushed away with DTG (direct to garment) printing which is digital. Digital printing allows you to simply print a photo or picture directly onto the garment but it is not the best quality. DTG only looks good on white t-shirts and will always fade and break away faster then screen printing.

DTG is not always the cheapest with some companies charging approximately $30 per t-shirt! Screen printing is a bulk service, meaning it’s not cost effective unless you’re getting more than 15 t-shirts printed, and the more you print the cheaper it becomes.


Screen printing is quality and quality is king. People are fussy when it comes to clothes and the life span of the t-shirt, so retail quality brands such as Gildan or AS Colour are popular choices when looking to have a brand or slogan printed into a t-shirt. As someone investing on t-shirts as a promotional purpose, you’re looking at a CPI of $0.005 and the longer your t-shirt print lives, the more impressions you’re going to get.

DTG Pros

  • No limit to the number of colours in a design
  • Can print photos and detailed images
  • Very affordable for on-demand singles and smaller orders
  • Soft to the touch

Screen Printing Pros

  • Cost effective for large orders
  • Easier to print larger prints, sleeves, etc.
  • Can silk screen on just about any fabric/ substrate
  • Popular

DTG Cons

  • Not a significant savings for large quantity orders
  • Color of the shirt can influence final print more so than screen printing
  • Exact color matching can be difficult due to the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) ink used in printers
  • Usually has a limited print area (i.e. no “all-over” printing)
  • Can only print on fabric

Screen Printing Cons

  • Limited number of colours per design
  • Singles/ small orders are very expensive
  • Photos and extreme details don’t show up as well


When it comes to screen printing, it is possible to complete a small order and send it out to you in the same day. 24 Hour Merchandise previously did a fast turn around order and had them out the door within 4 hours. Here is the proof:



Screen printing is an excellent service if you’re printing more than a few prints. It offers better quality prints than DTG and can be used on any fabric without any loss of colour.

Printing on t-shirts and bags are the most cost effective form of advertising with CPI’s between $0.002 – $0.005 for each garment and an average of 2k – 8k impressions per item.


If I have sold you on the idea of using products such as bags and t-shirts as a form of advertising, then you should give us a call, come into the showroom or fill on the online form to make an inquiry.


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