Fashion and Male Consumers

fat-man-skinny-man-boxing1Recently a report was released regarding a study based on males and their fashion sense. The study mainly focuses on; body shape, age and phychosocial factors including social physique anxiety and the drive for muscularity. The test was performed at The Department of Consumer and Design Sciences, Auburn University, USA.

The data was collected thought an online survey where 141 men participated from the ages of 19 – 66. Most males are conscious about their body size and have apparel specific preferences. Results reveal that an increase in body size generally lead towards loose fit apparel such as; jeans, polo shirts and dress shirts. Men that have an increase in muscularity showed that preferences for clothing with a tight fit and lower waistline.

This shows that men actually do care what they wear and it’s predominantly influenced by comfort or the way they wish to be perceived by others. On the other side of town “women reported concern with sexual messages others might perceive from their clothing, and judged other women’s clothing on the dimensions of authenticity, morality, and appropriateness. (citation)”


Age, Body Size, Body Image, and Fit Preferences of Male Consumers – Veena Chattaraman, Department of Consumer and Design Sciences, Auburn University.

How Clothes Make the Woman Immoral – Beth Montemurro, Division of Social Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University.

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