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Snowy_Ride_2013_Final_PinIt’s Events like the annual Snowy Ride conducted by the Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation (SWCCF) which allow the team at 24 Hour Merchandise to shine. The Snowy Ride is a must do on the annual motorcycle rally calendar. A weekend of social riding through the Snowy Mountains all in the name of raising funds for the fight against Cancer in Kids.

Having worked with the team at SWCCF  for more than 10 years now, our involvement at 24 Hour Merchandise has grown to be a partnership where our team can contribute with all of our skills through the whole event merchandise process, Design, Manufacture, Deliver On Time. The annual Snowy Ride  is a thoroughly enjoyable annual project to work on.

In the early stages, this job began as a typical merchandise job we process many of on most days, we were given a t-shirt design, printed some t-shirts, embroidered some polo shirts, fleecies, jackets and baseball caps and delivered them to SWCCF. Over time though we learned the inspirational story of how a courageous woman took the grief of loosing her son to Cancer, decided to use the power of that grief to empower her to make something positive come out of such a tragic event and created a foundation in his name. To date, the Steven Walter Children’s Foundation with a goal of 100% Survival for Children with Cancer has raised more than $5,000,000 and donated it to research against Cancer in Kids.

Having learned this story we wanted to offer more. We asked if we could submit some designs to be used on the next t-shirt print runs, we helped redesign the embroidered logo, we worked with the buying team to scour all the great ranges of event merchandise available, men’s and women’s t-shirts and polo shirts, polar fleeces, jackets, baseball caps, woven patches, and helped evolve a range of merchandise which is sold at the Snowy Ride each year to raise well needed funds.

The 2013 lead t-shirt design pictured above is one of our best yet, although we say that every year. We wanted to produce something which was a great t-shirt design regardless of the content, one that potential purchasers would purchase for its design features alone and the fact that purchasing the product helped fund the fight against Cancer is kids was a bonus. The brief was to have a bike oriented design, but not just a bike plonked onto the back of a t-shirt, we wanted a splash of colour but not too much so that people felt uncomfortable wearing it. Naturally, the design had to be designed in a way that it could be screen printed efficiently and consistently. Our designer Nigel came up with the following design which seems to have ticked all the boxes and we’ve had a great response so far.

The Snowy Ride is a great event and the cause couldn’t be more important. We are proud to be part of the team and to contribute our event merchandise skills.


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