Even the police love polo shirts!

Here at 24 hour we’ve noticed the increase in polo shirt sales due to summer, and the police have also noticed. I’m not talking about our amazing ability to traffic polo shirts from the factory down the road, I’m speaking of Queensland commissioner Ian Stewart with his announcement that Police will now be wearing polo shirts for summer.


Picture under creative commons license. New uniforms of the Police Coast Guard on display at the Police Carnival 2006.

“I think it’s a fact of life here in Queensland that we do live in a hot climate and I know that these certainly are more breathable and will make their job easier and more comfortable,” Mr Stewart said. – Read full article here.

I wonder if those polo shirts are Australian made? On that note, as write this article I think to myself about New South Wales Police. So below is an open letter to New South Wales Police.

Dear NSW Police Commissioner Andrew P Scipione,

In light of Queensland stepping up their game by making uniforms more comfortable for their police officers, we can’t allow Queensland to get one up on New South Wales again, it’s bad enough they kick our butts in the State Of Origin. So this is a request that you order polo shirts from us at 24 Hour Polo Shirts for your officers. It’s only fair.

Kind Regards,
Nick from 24 Hour Merchandise



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