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AS Colour

AS Colour are fairly new in the merchandise industry, and since 2005, AS Colour have climbed up the food chain at an incredible rate with a range people push in line for. AS Colour started for one reason, and that is to create blank apparel for people like us to print on. It’s not a new idea by far, but the people at AS Colour are extremely passionate about their products and that exact attitude has pushed their quality garments close to the top of the fashion industry.

Here in Australia, we sure owe our neighbours in New Zealand a few beers. Simply for creating quality apparel and bringing back the business from cheap and nasty Chinese printing services, which gave the printing and fashion industry the boost that was needed.

AS Colour are one of those brands that become inspired by clothes they already wear or would love to wear, plus the odd friend here and there making excellent suggestions. Since AS Colour have been around, they have evolved into a blank t-shirt supplier to a fashionable label with their own shops. People today gladly wear AS Colour apparel as they come.

I can safely say that AS Colour have not become a fashion label, they still love to supply merchandise companies with high quality blank canvases for us to screen print, however they do supply other product such as: singlets, sweatshirts, caps, pants and shorts. A combination of their products allow some pretty funky outfits.

Here at 24 Hour Merchandise and 24 Hour T-shirts, we LOVE AS Colour. A combination of our quality screen printing techniques and their retail quality garments, we can provide our clients with the best possible custom product.


For AS Colour Screen Printing please contact us at 24 Hour T-shirts. Our information is on the website here.



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