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Custom Hoodies Australia

That’s right, winter is coming and summer children are not to know what lies beneath the dark times that we know as June, July and August. You must keep your body warm, and by doing this you should be wearing a premium hoodie.

winter is coming

Here at 24 Hour Merchandise, we have been conducting experiments against night walkers, by handing out custom hoodies to the brotherhood of the nights watch. We have discovered that the only things that can destroy a night walker, is fire, and a well screen printed hoodie, preferably from the AS Colour or Gildan range.

If you’re reading this then I’m sure you don’t know Game of Thrones, so let me please translate.

Custom Hoodies Australia

If you’re in Australia, then you must be starting to prepare for winter. If you’re a business owner, then you may want to set your staff up with some hoodies, even if they’re not required to wear them inside. Why you ask? If you can supply a quality custom hoodie with your recognisable brand on it, then you’re not only providing a warm garment for your staff, you’re gaining impressions and brand awareness.



Here at 24 Hour Merchandise, we have been in the game long enough that we know that supplying a hoodie, or a jacket, to your staff provides a warm uniform. Simple as that.

We supply tonnes of brands such as: AS Colour, Anvil, Gildan, Aussie Pacific, Ramo, JB’s Wear and my personal favourite Biz Collection. Not to make this a review about the Biz Collection Range, but they have some pretty amazing waterproof jackets that look nice, also the hoodies just look like normal hoodies. Moving on…

If you’re interested in making an inquiry regarding custom hoodie screen printing, then check out some of the popular rages at our 24 Hour Hoodies landing page. If you want to just go straight to getting an online quote, then click the big button below.



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