Create your own clothing line!


Ever wanted to create your own clothing label, or perhaps just wanted to have your design printed on a batch of t-shirt to sell on an eCommerce platform such as Big Cartel, or a social platform such as Facebook? Today is your lucky day because we create all types of customised apparel with in-house screen printing and embroidery.

There are many twenty something year old entrepreneurs starting clothing lines and using services such as digital printing (aka DTG or Direct To Garment) which can eat your capital pretty fast. The smarter start ups are moving towards screen printing services where they can order a batch of 25 t-shirts, then reinvest the money to get more printed.

24 Hour Merchandise provides screen printing and embroidery services, and are official distributors for some pretty amazing brands. One of our most bought brands is AS Colour, which seems to be overtaking the brand Gildan, commonly known for band t-shirts.

Clothing Line GirlLet’s move onto the steps you need to take to create your own clothing line.

Step 1: You need a brand, this involved creating your own logo and business name. This is the foundation of business and skipping it will just cause confusion and make your mission to start a clothing label slightly more difficult.

Step 2: Who is your target audience, where do they hang out? You need to create some kind of business plan and a marketing strategy. This could mean anything from a 100 page document detailing every action you’re going to take to your quick summary of how you’re going to push your brand online.

Step 3: What are you selling? You need to start picking out your garments and designing your prints. This is going to be closely related to your target audience.

Step 4: Place your order with us! We provide top quality print and garments. We are also official distributors for many brands, so you could cover some of step three with us.

Step 5: Start building your platforms, registering your eBay profiles and designing your Big Cartel shop.

Step 6: Marketing and Advertising. To gain some profit, you’ll need to speed things up a bit and marketing is the best way to get the word out there. This could mean anything from facebook advertising to hiring an SEO consultant.

They’re the basic steps you’re going to need to start creating your very own clothing line. Following those simple steps with a good sense of business, and you’ll go far.

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