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Biz Collection Uniforms and Polo Shirts

biz collection distributorBiz Collection is a huge brand here at 24 Hour Merchandise with two products being dominated by the brand name; Polo Shirts and Corporate Uniforms. Biz Collection is a well respected name that is only available through official distributors, which is us. Offering retail quality garments and services such as embroidery to place your logo or slogan on your uniforms.

I could sit here all day and write about how good Biz Collection is, but the numbers speak for themselves and we are extremely confident in this brand name with it being in our top three ‘most sold brands.

We hold Biz Collection products in our showroom so feel free to come along and browse some shirts, polo shirts and see how the embroidery looks.

Biz Collection do not sell direct to the public, meaning you must go through their network of reputable distributors and we’re proud to be apart f that network.

24 Hour Merchandise are screen printing and embroidery specialist with over 30 years industry experience (since 1983) so we know our products.


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