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Band t-shirt printing Sydney: Gildan Screen Printing

T-shirt printing is still extremely popular today, and with more and more bands relying on merchandise as a main source of income, it’s hard to ignore how much they’re paying. I still see bands forking out $30 – $40 per t-shirt to have it digitally printed and I don’t understand why.

I asked one band recently why they go to digital printing services for their t-shirt printing. The answer didn’t make sense to me, but I’m sure some of you understand. “We don’t mind paying the extra money for t-shirts, because it’s all about the exposure, and breaking even on t-shirts is not a big deal until we become famous.”

One of the most popular t-shirt brands is Gildan, and why not, the fabric feels nice after it’s washed, it’s retail quality and people are familiar with the brand already.

Band t-shirt printing Sydney: Gildan Screen Printing

Bands should be making a minimum of $5 per t-shirt when sold, that’s just to ensure that that band will receive some kind of income. The best option is to have the t-shirts printed in bulk through a screen printing company, or custom merchandise company because the more you buy, the less you pay per t-shirt. Some bands find it difficult to spend the money upfront, but in my eyes I don’t see the difference than paying a premium per t-shirt for a digital print. Large runs make no difference in the digital printing world when it comes to costing, but in screen printing it does.

People should become a bit more aware of the business opportunities when it comes to merchandise, especially bands. So please, this is my message out to all the bands out there, start saving money on your merchandise. Why pay $30 plus per t-shirt when you can get the, for as little as $10 from a custom merchandise business.

Ok, I’m sure you’re thinking “who is this guy? Obviously he works for a screen printing business.” and all I want to say to that is why wouldn’t you listen to someone that has not only worked in the music industry for 8+ years, but someone who can see logic from both sides, and can determine the best possible outcome.

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Terms: A minimum invoice value of $240. This is set in place because we don’t do one off prints.

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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you guys print on Biz Collection mosh pants?
    I wanted to get 50 pairs of mosh pants printed with a small band logo on them.


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