The Art of Photoshop

Photoshop is used for many different things, mainly for touching up photos; like removing a pimple or adding more makeup. Here at 24 Hour Merchandise we use photoshop and illustrator to touch up images or to create designs from scratch.

There are two main types of graphics, bitmap and vector. Bitmap is created from a grid of pixels and each pixel represents a colour. All photos for example are bitmap based images with over 16 million colours. During the 90’s when computers were not that powerful, most graphics was 8-bit, meaning 256 colours could be displayed at any time. Here at 24 Hour Merchandise we can screen print up to 8 colours but this requires 8 screens.

Vector is created from geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves and shapes/polygons. Most vector art is generally a logo design and has only a few colours. Often vector art falls into the illustration category which comes back in fashion all the time. The game Grand Theft Auto made their loading screens from vector art.

When a bitmap image is resized to be bigger it becomes pixelated, meaning the grid squares start taking up more screen pixels and it’s starts to look blocky. This is not good for printing onto films ready for screen printing, so we need to touch it up so it’s perfect and ready to be printed to film.

Vector on the other hand works from points, so it can be resized up to 1 million sky scrapers and it won’t loose quality. We love vector art as it only leaves us with adjustments for embroidery and colour separation.¬†Most clients will have vector art if they have had a professional designer work on their illustration or logo.


Vector Art – Adobe Illustrator


Image from –


Bitmap Art – Photoshop

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